Watch Sir Paul McCartney Get Denied Entrance To Tyga’s Grammy After-Party!


(PCM) It seems that Sir Paul McCartney, Beck and Foo Fighter’s drummer Taylor Hawkins were not allowed to hang at the cool kids table when they were denied entrance, not once but twice, to rapper Tyga’s Grammy after party.

Lucky for us someone filmed this once and a lifetime occurrence and in the video McCartney can be heard snarking to Beck “How VIP do we gotta get? We need another hit.”  Don’t worry Tyga, McCartney only founded that little band called The Beatles, seriously the three men have a combined 37 Grammy wins between them.

Tyga has how many … ::crickets::   Exactly! McCartney and crew eventually realized they weren’t missing much at Tyga’s party and headed over to the Republic Records party held at Hyde nightclub where they were welcomed with open arms!

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